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Price: £395 .00
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One-to-One Intensive
( 1 day)
Price: £575 .00

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Success in Customer Service
The Supplier of Choice
This One Day Programme is for all office-based personnel who are in contact with your customers.
Communicating with customers is a primary activity of most office-based personnel but the more comfortable and familiar they are with the process, the less thought they are likely to give it.   But it's the quality of service and customer communications you offer which ensure that you are "Supplier of Choice" in your market.  
The session will make delegates THINK before they do or say anything which may have an impact on your commercial relationships and future profits.

Becoming the Supplier of Choice
- how customers choose suppliers
- generating customer loyalty

Customer Expectations
- who are your customers?
- your products
- your organisation - corporate
- your organisation - personnel
- setting expectations

Communication Skills
- assertiveness in communication
- advanced questioning techniques
- active listening
- defining & agreeing customer needs
- customer attitudes and moods

Telephone Communication
- advantages & disadvantages
- telephone etiquette

   the incoming call
- answering and creating a positive
    first impression
- call transfer / re-routing
- building rapport
- recognising and developing
    business opportunities
- controlling the call
- enquiry forms / messages

   the outgoing call
- planning
- leaving messages

Dealing with Unhappy / Difficult Customers
- why customers complain
- the empathy concept
- assertiveness and aggression
- negotiating a solution
- confirming and managing solutions
- complaint ownership and escalation

Your Impact on Company Image
- mutual respect
    in business relationships
- what can go wrong?
- taking responsibility
- working as a team