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Open Programmes
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Price: £695 .00
(35% discounted rate for extra delegates attending same session)

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One-to-One Intensive
( 2 days)
Price: £945 .00

Terms & Conditions
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Terms & Conditions
Success in Field Sales & Service
Structured Selling
& Account Development Skills Level II
This 2 Day Programme is for field based salespeople who want to adopt a more strategic approach to selling.  It is ideal for those whose sales opportunities may be limited by product portfolio or territory size as it focuses on maximising profit performance using account penetration and relationship based negotiation skills.

Delegates will learn to understand their own sales style and, in a highly practical group negotiation activity will recognise alternative approaches can be implemented to achieve their goals.  (This is not 'role play,' but an en-masse activity where there is no fear of failure or embarrassment.)

Sales Styles
- personal sales style SWOT
- personal motivation

Customer Behaviours
- customer personalities
- how customers choose suppliers
- meeting their personal needs
- meeting their organisational needs
- customer personal power rating
- the role of the buyer
- buyer behaviours & tactics
- building relationships

Account Analysis
- account classification & prioritisation
- CRITICAL© accounts
- account structure
- decision makers
- account penetration
- identifying & recruiting ambassadors

CRITICAL© Account Strategy
- objectives & goals
- current position
- closing the gap
- individual deal strategy
- progress monitoring

The Psychology of Selling
- customer needs and desires
- creating needs to develop
      a competitive advantage
- the buyer’s defence
- avoiding objections
- objection handling
- break-even and discounting
- demonstrating value / ROI
- motivating customers to purchase
- competitor trapping

Corporate Politics
- who is involved
- who influences whom?
- who is for / against you?
- adopting the best strategy

Negotiate to a WIN/WIN Close
- group activity
(please note that this is not a 'role-play' in the traditional format.  Delegates participate en masse so that the skills and styles of each individual can be recognised and used)