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Open Programmes
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Price: £395 .00
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One-to-One Intensive
( 1 day)
Price: £575 .00

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Success in Management
Developing & Motivating the Sales Team
This One Day Programme is for sales managers who wish to develop and motivate their sales teams so that they can achieve their full potential whilst feeling good about themselves.

Skills development through coaching and mentoring requires advanced observation and communication skills or it can deteriorate into criticism and negativity.  Managers are shown how to remove emotion from the equation and achieve a balance so that their salespeople will welcome and act on the feedback.

Sales Team Development
- the role of the manager

Assessing Current Performance
- performance measurement
- benchmarking

Performance Coaching
- the benefits of coaching
- personal qualities required
- skills & knowledge which can be
     developed by coaching
- how learning takes place
coaching opportunities & alternative
      one-to-one development methods

- coaching vs counselling
- what can go wrong

Communication Skills
     for Performance Coaching
- types of questioning
- active listening
- use & interpretation of body

Accompanied Visits
- accompanied call categories
- setting objectives for the day
- developing a positive atmosphere
- observation skills
- providing feedback
- addressing unsatisfactory

The "Ten Steps" to Successful
      Field Based Coaching

Sales Team Motivation
- what is motivation?
- what are the benefits?
- the role of the manager

What Motivates Salespeople?
- the "money myth"
- the need for recognition
- uses and abuses of internal
- the fear factor

- common causes of demotivation
- recognising the symptoms
- finding common ground
- WIN/WIN solutions

Performance Improvement Plans